Schedule a ThroughPlay Presentation

ThroughPlay presenters Dr. Isabella and Dr. Rathunde

ThroughPlay presenters Dr. Isabella and Dr. Rathunde

The ThroughPlay presenters are both professors at the University of Utah who welcome the opportunity to engage with parents in the community. They created the 50-minute program to bring their interest in play and the health of families to an audience outside of the college classroom. Moreover, both were intent on building an innovative and enjoyable program that pushed the boundaries of typical academic lectures they deliver on campus.

ThroughPlay is a not-for-profit labor of love! The ideal audience for the program is parents, teachers, and adults who are responsible for children’s development and who are also motivated themselves to stay engaged with activities they love to do.

To schedule an event at your school or organization:

Availability may be limited due to scheduling demands, but that’s all there is to it!

School and organization responsibilities:

We have a mobile projection and audio system, so there is nothing needed at the program site in terms of equipment. However, we ask schools and organizations to:

  • Setup chairs and refreshments (if desired) in the program space;
  • If you would like audience members to receive a take-home booklet as part of the presentation, help offset the production costs of any booklets distributed (i.e., $4 per booklet).